What I Wish Doctors Understood about Chronic Pain & Anger

Dear Doctors, I'm chronically ill. Sometimes, I'm very angry about it. This can cause misunderstandings with medical professionals. Med school will give you an incredible amount of knowledge. It'll teach you the in's and out's of the human body. It'll make you qualified to diagnose and treat diseases. All good things. But it can't teach... Continue Reading →


When Chronic Illness Makes Me Miss the ‘Old Me’

I'm not the same person I was when I started this. My outlook on life has been flipped on its head. Step by step, I've been seeing more of, well... myself again. That old me- the quirky, inquisitive student I used to know who had a deep longing to constantly be learning, constantly growing. That... Continue Reading →

Three Subtle Signs of Emotional Abuse

Note: This is only based on my personal experience and is in no way professional or medical advice. I hope it encourages you and lets you know that, at least, you're not alone. You don’t start out questioning your own sanity. After all, it doesn’t start with verbal blows. Not at all. It creeps up... Continue Reading →

I am Not ‘Enough’ & I Don’t Have to Be

Society has come leaps and bounds in terms of understanding chronic mental/physical health conditions. The stigma is present but ever improving. There's a bright future on the horizon. Still, there are problems that need to be addressed. Most of us have experienced some form of discrimination about our mental or physical health. We as Christians... Continue Reading →

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