Caretaking while Chronically Ill: Burnout, Boundaries, and Christ-likeness

I'm taking a couple week trip to visit relatives.  I need a break. They say that no matter where you go, your problems will follow you, and that's partially true. Perhaps I just need time alone with my own problems and mine only. My family and I are caring for two grandparents now, one from... Continue Reading →

3 Poems

Out of sight, I've been diving back into poetry again. So in the absence of a thoughtful essay or advice, here are some of the fruits of my labor: on sorrow, on forgetting, misunderstanding, and moving forward.     Sorrow untapped. Candy unwrapped to find nothing, only a thin layer of twisted plastic. Isn't there... Continue Reading →

What If Validation Never Comes?

There is an intrinsic, hardwired desire in all of us to belong. To be understood. To have our pain validated. So what do we do when those needs aren't met? And when there is no reprieve in sight?

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